Taurus Tattoos - What Do They Mean?

                    Taurus the Bull is an astrological signal in the zodiac calendar. It is for persons who were born between April 21-May 20. It is directed by the planet Venus, which stands for love and yearn. Taurus is an soil sign that means powerful and solid. The bull rules security and practicality. With it being a feminine signal, it is very magnetic.

whereas Taureans are dependable and practical, they are inclined to be very obstinate in their ways. They are furthermore very possessive, and very cautious. They are anchored firmly in the today's world, and no one can talk you into any thing without first conceiving things out. They have a large love for environment and the comfort and ease of life. However, some Taureans are inclined to be slovenly. They need to have a balanced and normal exercise program, to keep them fit and trim because they love to overindulge in their very popular foods.

The moon is exalted in Taurus, which makes them rather creative. They are very successful when they deal in public matters. They are furthermore very kind and bountiful, particularly with their friends. Taureans are ruled by the throat, which presents them a attractive voice, particularly for singing. With the influence of Venus, they tend to have an admiration of melodies and melodious gifts. They furthermore like to take care of a flower bed, and great pleasure in outdoor undertakings. They enjoy picnics, hiking trips, or even a trip to the zoo with their associates. They have a large sense of humor in their communal life.

Taurus colors encompass browns, russet, and turquoise. They love the attractiveness of an emerald, since emeralds are green and the hue of money and relaxation. The emerald is a six-sided crystal and six is the number for love. Their birthstone is the precious gem. Their favorite blossoms encompass daffodils, roses, daisies, and lilies.

Taureans are renowned for their endurance, which means they are slow to get furious. They are furthermore known for their obstinacy and their persistence. Their astrological number is the number 4, which is advised to be very lucky for them.

When the moon is in Taurus, they misplace all the positive attributes and everything turns to the negative side, which causes them to proceed into a state of depression. They become high-spirited, quick-tempered, and very emotional. They do not hear to the recommendations from others; anger may block their comprehending of things and situations. Taureans should not worry about being alone when the moon hinders with their life, because the moon furthermore sways all the other signs with negative leverages as well.

When reading the zodiac the Sun signalal is habitually shown first because of all the affirmative facets, and the moon signals are shown last because of the negative aspects. It is very important that the whole chart be read in alignment to navigate your life as you would want it, so a individual should understand exactly when the moon will be going into the sign of Taurus.

Taurus tattoos depict a bull in any stance and it would be up to the individual to select just the right bull design to have tattooed on them.